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Youth Speaker Cary Trivanovich, January, 2017





Noted Among Youth Speakers

High School Assemblies

World Class Entertainment

"If there was a five star scale to rank Keynote Speakers, I would give Cary six stars!"

Lloyd Devault, State Advisor, Florida HOSA

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"I have never witnessed our auditorium so mesmerized by anything."
Steven Southard, Former Director of Activities, Sonora High School, Sonora, CA

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"As visually stimulating as it is funny to the bone. His act is mesmerizing."
Orange County Journal (CA)


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You've Already Had Anti-Bullying Youth Speakers, So... Now What?

Youth Speaker Cary Trivanovich offers a follow-up or alternative to an anti-bullying assembly with his new "Three Chairs" Friend Magnet message.  It is a very positive message aimed at inspiring selflessness and maturity.

"... amazing performance... You obviously made a strong connection with the students, especially with the analogy of the 3 chairs... The kids were mesmerized."

James Fry, Director of Student Activities,
Malvern Preparatory School, PA

America's Leading School Speaker on Bullying

For over two decades, Cary's messages on and around Bullying have been substantial... "he distances himself from the pack of anti-bullying 'salesmen' who are everywhere."

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Exemplifying Natural Laws for High School Speakers

There is no such thing as a "difficult" high school audience when you give that audience something they really, really like... "Totally captivated a difficult audience."

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Changing Lives in High School Assemblies

Just like a movie that moves you because it reflects what it means to be you, something in this presentation does the same. "I can't even tell you enough how much you have touched my heart so deeply..."

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School Assemblies for Younger Audiences

Book this speaker to share a date with your local elementary or middle school - "I have heard a lot of nationally renowned speakers, and that was the best."

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